Humans of CHS School Students of CHS What You Should Know

What is the Learning Center?

This year Camas High School has introduced a new program called the learning center.  It has been placed in the room where the Career Center was located, the career center is a place to go to get help with after school plans, like college or recommendation letters and more. The Learning Center, is a place for any students to go to for school help, or just a place to take a break.

Mrs. Sarah Widdup is the teacher in the learning center. Widdup believes that all schools should have some sort of gathering place like this, students should have a place where they can get help that they normally would not receive. Widdup believes  “it helps students who need testing or one on one help with assignments.” Her position in the learning center is to make sure all students feel welcome to get any help needed, and to help all students succeed in all aspects of school.

In the Learning Center students can go to have test help, or just to work on an assignment in a quiet environment. It also offers free peer tutoring, a support system for students who do not have that, and also everything students need to know about senior projects.

Freshman Sierra Craft has heard of the learning center but has never been, she believes that “the learning center is a good idea, and will help students.” The Learning Center is a great way for Freshman to get extra help getting into the crazy cycle that is High School, and prepare them for the rest of the experience. Senior Amie Beld has worked in the Learning center before and shares, “it is a great place to gather.” The learning center will be a great aspect to CHS this year.

All grades can benefit from this program, whether you are an excellent student looking for a quiet place to work or someone who needs extra help with work. This program will highly benefit the students of CHS. Be sure to check it out, and give your opinions on the Learning Center.

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