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Introducing Yago Martin

Being a foreign exchange student can sometimes be tough for high school kids. New country, new people, and new curriculum. For Yago Martin, it was not any different. He came here nervous, not knowing what to expect in the U.S. “I felt like I was a little shy when I came, and I felt like it could be more or less the same.” In fact, at his previous school in Spain, he was the victim of some bullying, increasing his nervousness about coming over here.

So far, he seems to be experiencing an alternate high school life, as he was named to Homecoming Court and even mentioned in Mr. Bronk Williams anti-drunk driving speech at the Homecoming assembly. He has obviously made a lasting impression on his peers. And although he did not win, he was still happy for the experience. “It was like my dream because there is all the films and movies about Prom and Homecoming and the King and the Queen, and I said to myself I want to be that,” Martin expressed his happiness about the nomination. Even just the topic made him light up.

The differences in culture, nature, and people are quite a change for exchange students to take in. For Martin, it was just as big of a change as anyone, and he did not know what was in store for him here. “I’ve been here for two months and I can tell the difference between here and Spain; here I have a lot of fun and in Spain not so much.” Along with enjoying the culture, he has enjoyed the people here, too. He has made many friends just in the two months that he has been here.

Curious about what other foreign exchange students have joined the CHS community this year? The Camasonian will highlight each student in an ongoing series throughout the year, so look out for more information on all the foreign friends at CHS.


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