Japanese Exchange Students

This year Camas High School had the amazing opportunity to host 43 exchange students from Japan. The students arrived on Friday September 21. During 6th period the exchange students and Camas Japanese students gathered in the library to participate in some activities. The Japanese students gave a speech about how they learn English back home.

English is very important for them to learn, they have an English class at school that they are all required to take. They have two main English teachers that joined them here at Camas High. They take English for years, as it is very hard to master. They call it “Japanglish, it is very important to the Japanese culture” said the exchange student.

After the speech, the Japanese students played a game where you stick your hand in a box and guess what is in it. Then two Camas Japanese students gave a speech to the Japanese students. Towards the end of the period, the students got in groups and had some conversations about Camas and asking them some questions about Japan.

The Japanese students were put in pairs and then they were assigned to one of the families out of the Camas Japanese students. They stayed for 4 days Friday through Monday, and in that time they did a whole lot.

Mrs. Johnna Christensen had the opportunity to host two students.  She said when they arrive they are very jet lagged” and love to sleep “they fell asleep in the car”. Some activities she did, was taking them to the Zoo, Voodoo Donuts, Cheesecake Factory, Omsi, Salt and Straw and their favorite was the Mall. “They especially loved the makeup stores”.

The students that came here get to experience what American culture is like. They get to try and see things that they have never experienced before, that we as Americans experience daily. 

Camas High School does the exchange program because this is a huge opportunity for the Japanese student as well, it is also an opportunity for the host families because both get to interact and learn about another community other than their own. Exchange programs go on all over the world they offer broad-based benefits and outcomes for students eager to commence on this international adventure. Most of these are intertwined and come together to constitute the overarching exchange experience.

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