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GSA: What’s It About

Many clubs have formed over the past few years at CHS. One of them being GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance). Many students have noticed how large and loud the club has become. But do the freshmen and new students attending CHS this year actually know what goes on and how it works?

GSA has been changing classrooms for the past few years, but currently, the club members/officers meet in room 108 in Mrs. Katherine Hunting’s room on Tuesdays after school during Maker Time. During their meetings, the officers usually talk to the members about “gay pride history” and any activities they plan for the year.

Speaking of activities, the club is planning to do Unity week once again this year. This event lasts for one school week, each day is meant to shine a spotlight on different unique clubs. Although this specular activity is meant to show off other clubs, GSA is the club that originally thought of this idea and wanted to make it big by putting up posters and reminders. Another activity they participate in every year is obviously pride. The club gets together when the event starts (typically it takes place in the summer). They watch the parade but are hoping to participate in the actual parade soon.

The officers work together like ASB for our school. They text each other in a group message to find out what they should talk about for the next meeting. Then they create a slideshow the present it for the following day.

Many students are curious about how they can support this club and what they do. “They can join our club or join anything related to our club to make it more known.” Chase Fossen, an officer of GSA stated, “Or just supporting the LGBT community.”

But it’s not just students who should be supporting GSA, teachers should as well. Mrs. Hunting is the current teacher “host” for GSA, but in prior years it has been Mr. Morgan and other supportive teachers. Specific ways to help support this club is by just being nice to the club and not sending hate.

In the end, if you are wanting to join GSA, it’s a really good cause/club. They express their opinions on important topics and always are trying to send love, support, and positivity to those around them. If a student is apart of the LGBT community or an ally, then this club would be perfect for them. Not to mention there are free snacks, laughter and lots of support.

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