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Switching it Up With IAA

IAA is making the big switch down to the annex. This year IAA has gotten a complex of classrooms down at, what used to be, Lacamas Heights Elementary. IAA got the annex because We were planning on getting it for 6 years, and when the elementary school finally moved, we got the annex.” is what Mrs. Mariotti said about the switch.

This year, IAA has lots of new changes, switching to the annex, having a different schedule, and combining grade levels for their art class. Sophomore Catalina Lind said, “I don’t mind the walk down to the annex.” This is so for a lot of the IAA students. They get released two minutes early so they have enough time to get to their next class up at the main building.

While having their own building, they also have their own schedule. They have a block schedule, they alternate between having their second period first and having their third period first. Every day they have either their second or third period first followed by core studio which is their art class. This schedule runs on a different bell schedule than the other building.

A lot of the students in IAA like the new space because they can interact with all the grade levels and collaborate on projects together. The new space also allows teachers to interact and plan with each other. The students feel more connected and like an actual community with this new building. Last year, they felt disconnected and were not able to communicate.

There is a lot of good things about IAA and about the students. Lind said, “The community is the best part about IAA.” and Sophomore Madeleine Holbrook said, “The opportunities” are the best part about IAA. There are so many more good things about IAA and the connection everyone has with each other.

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