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Maddie Kemp is Scoring Her Way Into Her Senior Year

Maddie Kemp is a Senior at Camas High School, she has competed on the Camas varsity soccer team all four years, even as a freshman. Recently during a game, facing Prairie High School, Maddie shockingly fulfilled her independent 100th goal for Camas. She proudly stated that “I felt accomplished but really no different than any other goal I had scored before until I saw how excited my teammates and the crowd were and that’s truly what separated my 100th goal from any of the other 99 goals.” Her motivating coach, Roland Minder felt the same, “I was happy for her, having reached such a milestone… Maddie has become an increasingly dangerous player, gaining strength and experience over the years.”

Maddie has been playing soccer since she was five years old, nearly 13 years. She explains, “it’s been one heck of a journey let me tell you, a long, long road.” One of the hardships she has faced was last April when she unexpectedly, partially tore her MCL (medial collateral ligament, a major ligament in the knee) and sprained her ACL (anterior cruciate ligament also in the knee). Even though these were some rough patches of her soccer career, they did not stop her from getting to where she is now. Every time she steps on the field, she is determined to take care of business.

Maddie’s targets for her future, is to strive at the highest level she can, just like she has been these past years. When she is finished participating in a very high level of soccer, she wants to coach others and inspire them just like she has been taught. She hopes to continue to improve as a player and person in soccer and life.

Maddie’s words of wisdom for the next varsity team are “as Minder always says, ‘lastly but most important enjoy the ride,’ winning in Camas is obviously a priority and an expectation but having fun and making a competitive, winning environment is even more important. You only get four years to play some of the most laid back fun soccer you will ever play, so enjoy it while it lasts. Don’t forget to compete in every game and to build a sisterhood with your teammates. Live out our legacy in your everyday lives and make everyone proud. It is a blessing to walk through a program such as ours.”

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