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What is New: Homecoming 2k18

Every year homecoming decides to roll around, however, there seems to be a different vibe for Hoco 2k18. It could be the introduction video with Senior,  Jimmy Peebles submerging himself with a full tux on in the Columbia River, cutting to a screen with bold letters that display the theme “Under the Sea” with Dream Weaver whistling in the background.

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The positive experience is crucial to admin, teachers, and, especially students. Admin takes the experience very seriously, and they want to make sure students feel welcome to engage in school spirit. Associate Principal Mr. Fox says, “Please encourage students to attend these events. We strive to provide opportunities for students to engage in school activities and FEEL the school spirit that you all have worked hard to create over the years here at CHS.”

To make it an even more comfortable special environment this year admin has decided to add other activities so it is not as one dimensional. Fox also added, “for those students that say they don’t, won’t, or can’t dance, let them know that we’ve got them covered.” Students also play a large role because they are the ones going, Junior Caden Koranda said, “I am not the best dancer so it is nice to hear that they are changing it up a bit this year.”

The experience is very important but you need the staff to even think about putting this event on, so chaperones are going to be critical. Fox said, “Please chaperone! We know that it’s tough to give up a Saturday night in October, but we can really use your help. Students do recognize this work put into putting up this event.” Sophomore Blake Bell said, “I really appreciate the time and effort staff puts in year in and year out.”

Students shared some reasons why they are excited to go to the dance this year compared to the past. Junior Jared King said, “I think this dance will separate itself from some other rest, I believe the addition of the new activities will take the dance to a new level.” Some students believe that the dance will stay the same, Sophomore Cameron Miller said,” I will go but I think it will just be the same old, same old dance.” And there might be some students that just will not go: no matter what.

In conclusion, students can decide if they want to go to Homecoming or not. However, note that staff has invested a lot trying to make this night marvelous. If students decide to go think about how much staff has done to make it such an incredible atmosphere. Spirit week will take place from October 15-19 and ending the school week with a homecoming assembly and Friday night lights. 

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