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NBA 2k19: Worth The Buy?

Coming off the incredible NBA 2K18 which sold over 10 million units, Take-Two Interactive has come out with the newest evolution of the greatly beloved basketball game: NBA 2K19.

This interactive, online multiplayer game has an enormous cult following among children, teenagers, gamers, and basketball fans around. The real question is, is the new game worth the $60?

Since last year’s top selling rendition of the game, there has been quite a few changes to the game. Tenth grader Armand Nunez claims that he is “Really excited about all the new ways to travel around the neighborhood like scooters and the skateboard”. The neighborhood is the online world that

Courtesy: HoopsHype.

each player’s avatar lives in.

From the “neighborhood” players can access all sorts of basketball games, stores to buy clothes, and even go to the barber to get their avatar a new haircut.

Along with this, 2K19 will be having lots of intriguing events happening throughout the neighborhood. Eleventh-grader Jackson Gibbs says that he is “enjoying the breast cancer awareness event” which lasts the month of October.

Another event that happens is a Reeses Puffs event every Saturday where players can earn a virtual box of the cereal if they win 10 games; which in turn lets their character improve their overall rank.

Talking about the best version of the game, 2K17 has been a favorite of the interviewees. They have brought up that the game is almost nostalgic and brings back memories from two years ago. Tenth grader Blake Bell claims that he “misses the simplicity of the game”.

People who have been playing the game for a while seem to enjoy the gameplay from the earlier versions, possibly because they might be overwhelmed by all the new things to do during the game while they are more interested in playing basketball.

Overall, the newest 2K basketball game has a great number of changes from previous years, this can introduce players to the game and make existing players more interested.

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