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Ms. Pitassi is on Track to be a Terrific Teacher at CHS

,“I love chocolate… and I control [my students’] grade, and chocolate is the way to my heart, so if you know what’s best for you, maybe consider some chocolate,” jokes Ms. Pitassi, a new teacher here at Camas High School.

In 2007, Pitassi began her freshman year at Camas High School. She joined the track team, and her talent stood out, as she ran 400m in under a minute. She also held equally as prestigious 200m and 100m personal records. After continuing her running career at Central Washington University in Ellensburg, she carried her love for track and field into a coaching job at Heritage High School.

Even though Pitassi ran the 400m, she does not enjoy the event. When asked about her favorite events, Pitassi stated that the 400m is “the worst ever”. Her favorite event is the 200m, because “that sweet spot between 100m and 400m is gold”.

Eventually, Mrs. Wise, the former track and field head coach at Camas, called Pitassi up, and offered her the gig at Camas. After successfully coaching Camas’ track and field team last spring to numerous state titles, Pitassi picked up a teaching job this fall in Physical Science and Biology.

Pitassi quickly overcame the transition from teaching middle school classes to teaching more challenging high school classes. However, she is impressed with what her students are able to accomplish and the skills and knowledge they are applying in the classroom.

“I think [this class] is fun. We do a lot of labs instead of taking notes all the time, which I like,” says freshman Abby Malone. Fellow freshman, Lauren Cox, agrees, saying, “We do a lot of experiments and labs, so that makes it fun. It’s work oriented, but it doesn’t seem like it”.

“I’m just happy to be back and working here,” says Pitassi about her new job. “I just want my students to know that I’m not out to get them, but that I’m here to help them”.

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