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Meet CHS’s Newest Counselor: Mrs. Casteel!

Adding to the crew of new staff members at Camas High School, a great counselor has been recruited for people with the last name A-Com. She can be located on the 700 Wing in the Commons Office. Kirin Casteel just transferred from Tacoma, Washington to give a helping hand to students. She used to work at Sumner High School as a counselor and now moved to CHS. This will be her second year of counseling, and her main goal is just to improve at her job. Casteel was recently married in July. “I’m still getting used to my last name!” she exclaims.

The move from the big city Tacoma to Camas has her feeling a little out of place. She says how the Camas community gives off a “small town” vibe that she has yet adapted to. On the job, she frequently is reminded of her own high school experience. “My high school was where 10 Things I Hate About You was filmed,” Casteel adds. The football games (which she enjoys to watch) bring back many memories of her and her husband.

Aside from counseling, just like any other person, Casteel enjoys going on hikes and reading. She also adores spending time with her dog, Rhubarb. She is a beautiful golden retriever, still yet to grow to her full potential. “I’m training her to be a therapy dog!” She states enthusiastically. But as a school counselor, her main objective is to simply advance and grow at her job. She wants to make an impact on students around her as well. Mrs. Liebe also mentions, “I’m happy that she selected Camas. She has great ideas and she’s energetic!” Casteel is thrilled to spend this next year at Camas High School, and can’t wait to meet all these new faces. Give a warm welcome to Mrs. Casteel and wish her good luck!

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