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Say Hello to Mrs. Loebs

When a new teacher comes to school, most people want to be in their class and want to get to know them. This year at Camas we have 14 new teachers and staff. With all of these new teachers, not everyone can get to know them.

Jennifer Loebs is a new American Sign Language teacher here at CHS after interpreting and teaching for 15 years. She taught in Napa, California before coming up Camas. After only two weeks of teaching at Camas, it appears that students are enjoying being in her class and learning ASL. “I like her… She’s Dope,” as Senior Gavin Gregory describes his feeling about Loebs’s class.

Outside of school Mrs. Loebs enjoy’s hiking, eating, and exploring the area with her dog. “Hiking all over New Zealand,” as she said about her favorite place to hike. She also enjoys watching her students learn and become better at signing. Keeping an open mind, that is one piece of advice she would give her students. Signing is one thing, but if students do not have an open mind, then how can they learn from their peers.

Mrs. Loebs graduated from the University of California-Davis and is currently attending grad school at the University of Northern Colorado. While teaching at Camas she takes online classes but during the summer she is back down in Colorado on-campus learning. Her goal by the end of this next year is to graduate from grad school and enjoy every class of every day.

Most of the students do not know her and may not even get to know her, but if there is ever a day where there is nothing to do, drop by her classroom, introduce yourself, and make sure to exemplify your kindness. You never know if you are going to like or not like someone until you meet them.


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