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Meeting Mrs. Mcilraith

Each new year brings many new staff and teachers into the mix of Camas High School. Katie Mcilraith happens to be one of the lucky 13 new staff to Camas High School this year.

Mcilraith is a Spanish teacher here at Camas High School. She went to the University of Seattle to receive her undergraduate degree in Spanish. Mcilraith then went on to earn her Master’s degree in International Relations at the University of San Diego. After that, she moved on to the George Fox University of Portland where she collected her Master’s degree in teaching.

She saw an open position at Camas High School and had to apply. “I knew that this was a fantastic school.” She has always wanted to become a teacher, “I became a teacher because I enjoy the energy of the students, and I wanted an everyday interaction with young people transitioning into adulthood.” Mcilraith is not just new to us this year, this happens to be her first year ever teaching on her own.

Last year, Mrs. Mcilraith was a student teacher. So far, she is enjoying Camas High School and its beautiful community. As far as school goes, she is pleased with the schedule as it is very similar to her one last year. As of her second week, she enjoys the students and staff of Camas, and is excited to see how the rest of the year will go!

Some students of Mrs. Mcilraith have given some opinions of their own. Lexie Helt recently stated, “Mrs. Mcilraith is a very understanding person. She has lots of compassion and gives deserving second chances”.

Katie Mcilraith was raised in Orting Washington and now lives in Vancouver Washington. Outside of school, Mcilraith spends her time with her husband and their three beautiful children. 

Mcilraith was driven to teach Spanish due to her love for the Spanish language. She was always interested in the mesmerizing culture, the beautiful countries, and its breathtaking communities. So, with a lot of determination and hard work she pulled through and accomplished her dream of becoming a teacher.  


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