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Connecting with Kang

New school year, new students, new schedules, and most importantly new teachers. Mrs. Kang, one of the new teachers who teaches English 11 classes, has recently started teaching for CHS. Many students and parents might have questions about what this teacher has to offer and what they should expect while being in her classroom.

Kang has started fresh this year at CHS, but teaching is not her first rodeo. This is her sixth year teaching. Previously, Kang taught in Salt Lake City, Utah for 4 years; then, she taught at Skyridge for a year. So far, she seems to like this school, especially the students, “I think [CHS students] are the best… want to learn… are kind and sharing.” she states wholeheartedly.

It also seems the students feel the same way, “I really like her, she’s very understanding and approachable”  Megan Amundson, a junior in Kang’s third-period class states, “She keeps the class interesting and it’s never boring.”

Many teens get inspired in their high school years for what they want to achieve occupationally. This same agenda goes with Kang. As a teen, she went to an all-girls school. In her high school years, she found that she wanted to be a psychiatrist but later changed her mind to want to become a teacher, “I just wanted to do something where I was helping other people.”

She wouldn’t have been so invested with this career if it wasn’t for all her English teachers through her adolescent years, “My seventh grade teacher, Mr. Smith, he had this purple monkey story that he would tell us, and it was a class reward for us if we got our job done that day…” she explains when asked who inspired her as a kid.

But, her biggest inspiration was a seventh-grade teacher, why did she choose to take up high school English rather than younger years? Kang explained that she likes little kids and think they are fun to be around but teaching them is harder. She also likes the material high schoolers learn more than the material taught in elementary and/or middle schools.

Languages are a way to communicate and connect. Kang can speak English, Korean, and she took French in high school. She would like to pick French up again and learn Spanish. Although, if she could, she would live in Germany because she likes the atmosphere.

When she was younger, she grew up in Guam then later moved to Portland when she was seventeen. She graduated from the University of Portland then moved on to her teaching career.

Somethings she has noticed here as that we value school and learning. Her words of wisdom include: free time is always useful and sleep is helpful.

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