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Kahoot! Kontroversy?

From worksheets to review games, teachers choose from many different methods in which to capture their students’ attention when reviewing. However, not all of these methods are created equal. Kahoot is one of those review games with widespread popularity at Camas High School. While most students agree that Kahoot is a fun and effective way to review for tests, some believe that its setup is corrupt.

To start off, Kahoot is an online platform where teachers and students alike can make quizzes for a large group to play. Teachers can also use quizzes made by other people. The way it works is a teacher pulls up the desired quiz on the Kahoot website and projects it for their students to see. The quiz code pops up onto the screen and allows the students to input said code into their device in order to play along. After all players have joined, the questions and answers are displayed on the screen instead. Students answer on their device and are awarded points if they choose the correct answer. Bonus points are then awarded for speed and answer streaks.

Courtesy of Kahoot!

Most people believe that Kahoot is an effective, yet fun way to review for tests and quizzes that will actually be graded. Freshman Joe Scordino says that he loves Kahoot. He says, “I get to dominate everyone with my knowledge and power.” Certain teachers give out extra credit or prizes to incentivize serious participation in Kahoots. Most students are big fans of this idea and use this opportunity to study and get a reward for knowing the material.

Many people believe that Kahoot is far too distracting to be an effective study tool in class. When the game is being set up, students input a name of their choosing to represent them. This creates a feeding ground for inappropriate nicknames which takes away from the learning and review aspect of the game. While this is a problem, some teachers have resorted to freezing their projector screen so they can delete unwanted names from the list, depriving the creator of said name and the satisfaction of widespread laughter throughout the classroom.

One does not have to go far to find someone who is in love with the music of Kahoot. Freshman Aiden Wood says, “I love the music. It’s probably my favorite part of Kahoot.” Even those opposing Kahoot as a study tool feel this way. Senior Jillian Johnson said, “I feel that it is far too distracting to be an effective study tool in class. However, the music is really catchy.”

Courtesy of Kahoot!

Some people believe that Kahoot awards points unevenly giving more points to the people on the leaderboard which is comprised of the top five players in a given game. Senior Ursula Hood says, “the more someone stays on top, the more points they get per question; it’s just not fair to everyone else.” Giving players more points than other students per question makes it much easier for students to stay on the leaderboard.

However, Kahoot can be more than just a review in class. Senior Jillian Johnson says, “on an individual level, it is a pretty good study tool.” She went on to say that some of her teachers post where to find the Kahoots on their website so students can do it on their own without having to compete with their classmates for points or getting on the leaderboard. This allows students the time to find the right answer if they get it wrong rather than having to move on due to time restraints in class.

All in all, this study tool seems to have widespread controversy with points to be made on both sides of the argument. On one hand, it is a fun, stress-free way to study and possibly earn some extra credit points in class. On the other hand, some students believe it is unfair and too distracting to be effective. Only one thing can be taken away from this controversy: the music is pretty great.

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