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Springing In To Sports!

As spring rolls around flowers start to bloom, and the sun comes out of its winter hibernation. Students and staff are not just excited for what the weather brings, but some are really excited for the spring sports that are approaching.

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As some sports begin, coaches and players think ahead to their successes this coming season. Coaches play a huge part in a team by setting the attitude for the season. Varsity soccer coach Dan Macaya said, “I think we have a shot at finishing as one of the top two teams in the league if we can stay healthy.” However, players also have a great role in furthering the success for a team. Junior Varsity soccer player Will Hansen said, “I am really excited about this season. I believe our team will have a really successful year.”

Often times teams have to face adversity before achieving success and the sports teams at Camas High School are no exception. Coach Macaya said, “We will be without last year’s team captain, All-State, and Oregon State commit Dominic Fewel as well as five other seniors.”  Sophomore track member Tyler Knoeppel said, “Losing last years seniors is tough and we have to battle through that.”

Winning is very important, especially at this level, but it is not everything. Developing players and turning them into great young men and woman is just as important. Coach Macaya feels that one of his biggest responsibilities as a coach is to help in the development of his players on and off the field, as athletes and people. Varsity baseball coach Mr. Short said, “I enjoy helping players develop mentally and physically, bringing together a group of individuals to focus on one common goal.”

Many of the spring sports are already underway this year with track and boys’ soccer holding practices every day after school. Listen to the bulletin, go to the athletic office, or check up online to find the various game times and results for the coming seasons.


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