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Job Searching? Go See Mrs. O!

Many students search for more freedoms as they grow up, but with freedom comes responsibilities. One such responsibility for some is getting a job. Getting a job for the first time can be a daunting task without help. But with the right resources, the chances of getting a desired job can be maximized.

Creating a resume or completing an application can be a daunting experience for a student looking for a first job. However, Camas High School has a set curriculum that students go through before they graduate.¬†Every junior at Camas High School goes through the Job, Aptitude, and Skills (JAS) Unit in their history class at some point in the year. This is where students create resumes, cover letters, and fill out a job application as if they were applying for a real job. The whole process ends with an interview with a local businessman or businesswoman that provides an authentic practice run at expressing one’s talents. Mrs. Onuoha, the Career Specialist at CHS, says, “It helps prepare students for a job interview in the future. It gives you a set of tips and tricks to use in real life.”

At CHS, there is a resource where students can find jobs, get information on post-high school plans, or receive help on attaining an internship: Mrs. O. She has compiled a list of companies with local stores that are hiring that are great for a first job. She says, “many stores job openings in the window of a local store; all you have to do is look around.” When interviewing or putting in an application, dress nicely. Employees are the face of the company. A company is more likely to hire someone who presents themselves in a prideful manner dressed in nice clothing; maybe not a suit and tie, but make sure clothes are free of rips, do not expose much skin, and are free from dicey or graphic insignia.

Mrs. O has many tips that could help strengthen an application or a resume. For one, she says never to downplay any volunteer work or non-typical jobs such as babysitting and lawn mowing. This took a lot of time and effort and shows companies that an applicant is fit for the job. Also, researching the company can help someone in tailoring an application to a specific company. For instance, one company may have been created with the goal of reducing the local environmental footprint. In this instance, applicants should show their passion for preserving the environment for future generations. These things can differentiate candidates from the rest of the pool leading to getting the job.

Stop by the Career Center located next to the main office and have a talk with Mrs. Onuoha for more information on the job searching process. Or visit the Career Center’s website here.

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