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Something New is Brewing in Camas

There are many coffee shops in downtown Camas that people visit for their morning runs before school or work. Many stores have been added to downtown Camas as of recently, however Hidden River Roasters is one of the newest. The concept of how this store was created is a very inspirational story.

Courtesy: Brooke Riddle

It all started when Brandon, the owner, was driving down the street and crossed a bridge in Camas. That is when he got out of his car and was in awe about the small, yet powerful river rushing below; he immediately became lost in thought. It always seems to relax students, teachers, and parents to sit down by flowing rushing water to just listen. The interior of the coffee shop definitely takes that feeling of being by a river right to the chairs that people sit in. It is amazing how someone can build something from their mind into such a spectacular place.

Courtesy: Brooke Riddle

Hidden River Roasters sells coffee from all over the world: Kenya, Costa Rica, Mexico, Honduras, and those are just a few of their options. Many customers’ personal favorites are vanilla lattes, mocas, americanos, and the medium and dark roast coffees they have out for the day whereas the baristas’ favorites are the lavender latte and cappuccinos. Customers are also able to in multiple different types of pumps of flavor into whatever drink they. They even have some┬áspecialty drinks that might not be on the menu that the baristas can make.

The coffee shop offers a family environment with nice personal areas to sit and talk with a friend. The employees are very well trained and easy to talk to. As soon as a person walks into the store, the baristas ask how there day is; it is such a small community where if people visit often, the baristas will remember their names. It is like walking into a home away from home. This is a very calm, and beautiful place to hang out in a family-like environment.

Hidden River Roasters is a stress-free environment where members of the community can sit down and read a book without distractions. Its close proximity to the library makes it super easy and convenient to drop by, grab a cup of coffee, and read a good book. So stop by and give the Hidden River Roasters a try.


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