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Kon’nichiwa! Japanese Culture Festival Grows Again

A couple dozen tables filled with memorabilia and information from all corners of Japan, bodies packed tightly together in a swarm, and enthusiastic Japanese students that matched the equally excited students and teachers shoveling Japanese food into their stomachs. On all accounts, the annual Japanese Culture Festival that took place on March second was a huge success. Students filled the front entry of the school to experience different facets of the Japanese culture.

Each year the turnout has grown larger, most students claiming their attendance due to the variety of tasty Japanese food. Karen Lovre, the Japanese teacher and organizer of the event, said, “I started this for my students to learn about the culture, and also something fun for the school. This way everybody learns.”

The festival represented many parts of the culture, from video games to fashion to traditions. Chloe Higgins, a sophomore who was in charge of one of the fashion tables, commented, “All we learn is western history, but learning Japanese gives me views from other cultures to experience. I love the fashion; how it gives the freedom to express.”

Japanese students posing in front of the Japanese flag.

The overpacked hallway created a fun atmosphere of learning. Junior Samantha Walters said, “It was cool to learn about the wishing tree and see different words and letters in Japanese.” An anonymous student thought, “It’s an uplifting, happy culture that’s very different from our own.”

It was easy to tell just how much effort and fun the Japanese students had putting on the event. Some students were dressed in Japanese clothing, and others extremely invested in teaching their peers. Sophomore Sam McCormic said that the Japanese culture is, “A lot better than ours!” when asked what he liked best about Japan.

The 2018 Japanese Culture Festival was both extremely entertaining and informative. Thank you to the dedicated students who put on such a wonderful event for the CHS community, and an even bigger thank you goes to Mrs. Lovre who annually organizes the festival.

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