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Camas Girls’ Basketball: Season’s End

Beat Union? They did it again! Camas High School girls’ basketball is headed to the next level of playoffs at the state competition.

The team is the undefeated league champion two years running. Last year they made it to the Tacoma Dome, a feat only the top twelve teams in Washington State 4A Classification achieve, and they are back at the Dome this season.

Jillian Webb in action, courtesy Clark County Today

In early season, the girls’ program was constantly in flux. Who is on varsity? Who is starting? These were constant questions before each game. The time spent evaluating each other, the players’ styles and figuring out specific roles of each player added to the chaos. Eventually, the team reached an equilibrium, and it shows in the team’s eleven-game winning streak.

Captain Jillian Webb says, “My season has been great, and I couldn’t be more proud of what my teammates and I have accomplished so far.” Her words are not an understatement. During this basketball pre-season, the girls’ basketball team played with the best in Oregon during the Franklin High School Tournament to prepare for playing with the best in Washington.

The rating percentage index determined (RPI) where Camas entered the state competition. The ranking is ever changing, as it depends on the strength of the team’s schedule and their wins and losses and even raked into consideration opponents strength of schedule and their wins and losses. RPI regulates who plays who for this final tournament and unless there is an upset, it may substantially ease the toughness of the tournament until the final days.

Haley Hanson attacking the hoop, courtesy Clark County Today

With six seniors this year, the CHS girls’ basketball program is about to enter into a transition year. Webb may speak for the seniors when she says,“I’m looking forward to making my last basketball memories with a great team while on the road to the Dome.”  Memories of the season are not typically game by game. The team’s final rank will be remembered, but the memories are from the events the teammates go through together. Webb’s sentiment is, ”I love my teammates. They’re family.”

The basketball season has ended, and the Camas High School’s varsity girls’ basketball team tied for 7th/8th in the state tournament. Kentridge sent the team home, but as captain Courtney Clemmer says, “we went into this game with the mindset that we were going to give it our all; and we did.” Girls’ basketball received the same rank as last season and should be proud of their achievements because it has been one of the most successful years for Camas High School’s girls’ basketball.


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