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Life With Hemophilia: Part 3

Hello once again! Matt Burns here coming at you with part 3 of this mini-series. In the last part, I talked about my childhood and my most severe bleed. If you missed it, you can find it here.

One of the places that I really had fun and felt normal was at a hemophilia camp called Camp Ivy. I had never met another hemophiliac outside of my family until I went to Camp Ivy. I felt normal and truly accepted. Nobody questioned me; nobody was always checking to make sure I was ok; nobody was trying to keep me in a bubble to keep me safe while I was playing. I felt like a real kid. Camp taught me so many things too: how to keep myself safe, how to socialize without having to worry about getting bleeds, and how to give myself a shot instead of relying on my mom. They taught me how to be independent. I talked with older hemophiliacs around the camp. Seeing them still being able to function at an older age really gave me peace of mind. At 17 years old, I already have no cartilage in my ankle, and I know I am going to lose more in different places the older I get. I am scared to grow up with hemophilia, but the older guys were able to give me some peace of mind when I would get restless.

Photo Courtesy: Sara Allizadeh

Camp was honestly one of the best places I have ever been to. Swimming, arts and crafts, outdoor games; it was incredible. And nobody told me, ¨no, I do not want you to get a bleed.¨ They taught us how to be safe and if we got a bleed, we would just dose up and sometimes just deal with the pain and jump right back in. It was too much fun. I stopped going though because I moved. I miss camp sometimes, but I have learned enough from everybody there to be independent with my care for hemophilia.

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