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Recess at School

Recess is a tradition for elementary school and middle school, but in  high school it vanishes. It seems like teachers and parents would want students to get more exercise other than running around from classroom to classroom. Some kids do not like to workout at home because they have less motivation and when with friends they are able to have fun at the same time. School is getting rid of recess so students join more athletic activities around school and through programs schools provide.

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Students around the school do not really care about recess. It would make the days longer and not give enough time for the students to eat. In middle school, students had problems with going outside too early and not having enough time to eat. Sophomore, Sydney Moses, said “We don’t need recess because we are adults and I want to get out of school early and I don’t want to mess around school cause I can do that after.”  Many high school students just want to go to school to do as little as possible and then just go straight home.

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Another sophomore, Olivia Quist, says “Passing period is our recess.” This is a very interesting comment because many students do crowd the hallways to talk for awhile with their friends. This does happen to have an impact with students showing up late for classes and for the increase in amount of tardies that are being handed out this year. Sophomore, Randy Yaacoub, “If we had a playground no one would play on it. But people can leave if they really want to during lunch and hangout outside.” Even though this is against school polices there are certain areas that students can go outside for lunches. But they are not allowed to leave school campus, because Camas High school is a closed campus school.

On the other hand sophomore Bronson Conger says “Yeah I want recess, cause its dope.” Many people think it is beneficial to have a playground at school because it increases the amount of steps and overall exercise that students do not usually get in a school day. The playground would be a place for hanging out, or to run around like when they were kids. There might be a lot of student activities after school but not everyone is into sports so a playground would be a perfect addition to increase in activity. Junior, Caleb Myott says, “Yeah I’d like recess, it would make life less stressful.”

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