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If students are looking for a club that spreads awareness and helps the environment, they should consider joining Green Team. This club connects students that have an interest in cleaning up the Camas High School and the community.

Any student can join Green Team, and the meetings are not mandatory for members to attend. Science teacher and team leader Mrs. Coker says, ”We encourage anyone and everyone to join and attend volunteer days of action.” Freshman Aidan Starratt encourages “anyone who wants to help the school can join.”

Students love helping the environment, but they also appreciation Mrs. Coker as their advisor. Freshman Armand Nunez says, “This is my first year doing Green Team, and Mrs. Coker has been very flexible towards my schedule and always appreciates when I can be there.’

This year Mrs. Coker won the Green Apple award which recognizes exceptional “green” educators in the area. Coker says that, “it was really awesome to find out I won the Green Apple Award. What made it even more special is that teachers and students felt that I was deserving of the award.”

Green Team has many projects throughout the year. One of the projects they do is called the Crayola Color Cycle Program. Green Team partners with Mrs. Seidl’s daughter’s Girl Scout Troop to collect markers from the elementary schools in order to properly recycle them. Green Team is also working to get a grant to implement lunch trays to reduce waste and improve sorting table use. In addition, they host a table during every First Friday in March to interact with the community and help young people make recycled art. Green Team also helps the local environment, planting more trees in areas with thousands of tree loss from over the years. Team member also pick up trash and dispose of it appropriately.

Green Team connects young leaders in ways to go green and help improve their local environment. Senior and Green Team President Carson Buma says, “We are pushing to be better with every project we do and showing the next generations what we have left them.”  Freshman Drew Fishburn agrees with that future-focused impact: “One of the reasons I decided to join was just knowing what a positive impact I am making for my school and community.”

Students who wish help with the mission of the Green Team should go to room 803 and talk to Mrs. Coker about joining. Meetings are held in Mrs. Coker’s room every Tuesday, so make sure to stop by to see what they are up to.

Each year, Green Team members are pushing to be better with every project they do. Senior Desire Quidachay shares, “If we won’t save the planet, who’s to say anyone will – action starts now.”



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