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CSD Clocks Tick Into the Future

When a matter of seconds mean the difference between a tardy and detention or freedom after school, students and teachers alike rely on the school clocks. Over the summer, the Camas School District made a huge transition by putting in 508 digital clocks in all the classrooms.                        

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There are students and teachers who really enjoy the edition of new clocks. Freshman Armand Nunez says, “I really like the idea of digital instead of analog; it is much easier to look up at the clock and just have the time right up there.” Also, sophomore Mitch Files shares, “I really love this new addition.” Former Principal Steve Marshall said, “Staff appreciate having synchronized clocks, and I really appreciate the safety capabilities of these clocks, as they can alert staff and students and convey messages that everyone can see.”

But not everyone is excited about the change. Freshman Jared Metscher shared, “I miss the old clocks because I had become so used to analog.” According to Gary Abrahamsen, a member of the technology department at the District office, “The same thing that is hard for almost everyone – change. Each school used their paging system differently. Some schools would page a room individually as well as make building-wide announcements”

In regards to why the change happened, Abraham says, “The decision had more to do with combining services and solving staff-identified needs. We saw the opportunity to combine the overhead paging system with digital clocks that have far more features and capability than separate paging and clock systems.”

So, the majority of teachers love having the correct time in their classrooms. An added bonus is not having to change the battery in the old clocks, which took up extra time and was a hassle. 

A lot of work went into these new digital clocks. Next time students and staff look up, think of all the hard work Abrahamsen and his team put in so we could have these beautiful new clocks.


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4 replies on “CSD Clocks Tick Into the Future”

The new clocks are very useful, and allow anyone who is deaf to understand what each bell is, by indicating the end of a certain period. And without the flashing lights it would be difficult for deaf people to understand what is even going on.

I like the new clocks over the old ones because like some other people said, they tell us the date and that helps when we need it on our assignments. The clocks are easier to quickly read which is nice.

I really like the new clocks because now they tell us the specific date that it is. In most of our classes we have to write down what the date is on our assignments and so now we don´t have to really think about that.

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