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New Year Resolutions

It is 2018 and along with the new year come new goals and the drive to achieve those goals. Here are some inspirational, funny, or just nice new year resolutions from the students and staff of CHS.

Senior Charles Taylor’s resolution is to be flexible enough to fold his body in half. “I think that it would be a great test of my abilities,” said Taylor, “I also think that it will be fun.”

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History teacher Greg Plitt’s new year resolution is to “complete the Ironman Canada in under 12 hours.” Ironman Canada is a race where athletes swim for two and a half miles, bicycle for 112 miles, and run a marathon of 26 miles without rest. This would not be his first time to complete Ironman Canada, he has completed it twice before. “I usually finish between 12 and 13 hours,” said Mr. Plitt. His other new year’s resolution is to reconnect with his faith. “I have spent the last couple years focusing on my family and work, and I have not focused on my faith.”

Noah Blanco has committed himself to writing a play. In the future he says that he would “like to become a playwright.”

Morgan Telegin also has an artsy resolution: she wants to create a song on the piano. She wants to create one because “it would be fun to challenge myself.”

Maia McCraig’s resolution is to raise her confidence levels. “I want to raise my confidence so that I could audition better,” she said.

Fitness teacher Valerie Parbon’s resolutions were to get her children to do more chores and to eat a piece of chocolate every single day. “They make me happy,” Parbon said, “ and they taste so good.”

The New Year has started, and people are already working to achieve their goals for the year. What interesting new years resolutions do you have, comment below.

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