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Camas Has Kindness

If students are looking for a club that spreads kindness and positivity, they should consider joining the “Be the Change” Club. This club connects students together through events and meetings. As senior Matthew Cambizaca put it “ I really love the idea on how clubs connect the students in it.”


Students who join clubs are normally very devoted to their clubs and have a motivation for why they are in it. Senior Eve Wright shared “I decided to join from my good friend Matt, who started it, and I had to join because I loved that the clubs main focus was kindness.” And Cambizaca said, “I wanted to connect most of the students.”

The club’s favorite event they are putting on right now is the kindness wheel, when students spin the wheel and it says a positive message on whatever sections it lands on. Cambizaca said, “The budget is cheap. Most of the things we use are from home or sometimes I spend a little money on supplies, but the more important part to us is the message we are giving off.”

In “Be the Change” all students can join and unlike some other club students do not have to come to every meeting. Camas students can drop in every other week or do whatever works with their schedule. The club needs more people, Cambizaca said “ We can only have our kindness wheel during B because we have no one who has A lunch.¨

Next week, the kindness wheel will be up, so students can take time out of their busy day, and go spin the kindness wheel. Their actions would be highly appreciated by the Camas Cares club. For students who are interested in the club, the meetings are on Wednesday from  2:20 to 2:50.


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