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Holiday Traditions

The holidays are a time for family and friends to come together and celebrate having each other in their lives. This includes participating in all of the traditions passed down from generation to generation.


Some of the most popular holiday traditions are activities such as cutting down the Christmas tree, baking sugar cookies, or decorating a gingerbread house. If it is especially snowy, snowball fights and sledding are also a winter must. However, if it is too cold to be outside, curling up by the fire and watching a movie is always a good way to spend a December night. 

Students and staff may celebrate many different beliefs and holidays, however we can all relate to one tradition: our love of food. Librarian Johna Christensen said that, “when {her} ancestors from Denmark get together to make lefse, we spend a day smashing potatoes on really hot pans.” 

While most traditions last for generations, some end after a couple years. Freshman Blake Bell said, “we used to make extra large cookies filled with chocolate chips but after a couple years of making them they became kinda boring so we gave up.”

Sometimes these traditions can be a hassle and create a stressful environment. Freshman Christian Lenard said, “it can be hard when getting all those huge boxes down from the attic.” Bell also touched on the subject: “it is hard sometimes to get the star on top of the Christmas tree.” Christensen added on by saying how she had gotten rid of the traditions that took more work because it made the holidays a lot less fun.

Even though some traditions in the holiday season can bring a lot of stress, they are a chance to bring your family and loved ones together. That is definitely something to celebrate.


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