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Classroom Traditions: Cooking and Donuts

With how large Camas High School is, there have been many traditions created over the years by teachers and students alike. Here are a couple of the traditions that have popped up here at CHS.

History teacher Mr. Gregory Plitt’s AP Government classes bring donuts every Friday for a tradition known as Donut Friday. A student picks a Friday at the beginning of the semester to bring in donuts for. The class then takes a couple of minutes out of the beginning of the class to relax, chat, and eat donuts. “Advanced Placement classes are very stressful, especially AP Government. I thought that it would be nice to take a break and just eat donuts,” Plitt said. He got the idea to do Donut Friday seven years ago when a student brought in donuts one day and they all agreed to bring in donuts every Friday from then on out. 

photo by Tristan Eckert

Another classroom tradition is the Federalism Fiesta in Mrs. Bridges class. On the last Friday of September, she brings in two cakes: a marble and a layered cake. These cakes represent the different types of federalism. Three types of cookies are also brought in to represent the different forms of government: chocolate chip, black-eyed Susans, and chocolate chip with peanut butter on top. “It really works,” said Mrs. Bridges. “They will remember this and ask if this is the layered types of federalism or the marble cake kind of federalism.” Mrs. Bridges also has another tradition for her senior students. On the last school day for seniors, she sends invitations to seniors to eat pancakes with her after their third-period class. 

The many traditions created over the years at CHS bring a spark of life to the school. It adds to the experience and joy of going to high school and makes many good memories to look back on when people leave.

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