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What To Do Over Winter Break

Since Winter Break is right around the corner, many students and families are beginning to plan what to do with their free time. There are many things to do that do not involve leaving the comfort of the house or even spending money. Activities can range from catching up on scholarships and homework to finding new ways to stay in shape.

Below are a few ideas for activities to do to enjoy a “stay-cation”:

Apply for scholarships, finish college applications, or work on your resume 

It might sound boring, but take this time to finish college applications that have due dates in January. The entire break does not have to be devoted to working on school work, but spending a few hours can get you ahead in the application process and take some stress away when school starts back up again. For scholarship offers and applications, check out the Camas Career and Counseling Center on the Camas website. Over break is also a great time to update your resume for the coming year.

Spend an afternoon baking 

Baking not only has the reward of treats and goodies but is a great way to relieve holiday time stress. Bust out some old family recipes or new Pinterest worthy recipes and get started. Sing along to some music or watch a festive movie in the background. Suprise friends, family, and coworkers with the treats to brighten up their day.

Hang out with friends

Whether they are old friends that went out of touch or friendships that are just beginning, invite them over and have a movie night, order some take-out, gossip, or just hang out. Invite a group of longstanding friends over to talk about old memories and tell them to bring old photographs or videos over to share with everyone. Decorating can also be a great way to rekindle old relationships or bond over new ones.

Get out and exercise

Do not let being stuck in the house an excuse for not exercising. Working out can be as simple as taking the dog for a walk around the block, doing a bodyweight workout on Pinterest, or following along to a yoga video on Youtube. If a movie night is in your future, consider doing a workout that corresponds to the movie. Here is one to do for “Home Alone.”

Spend some time with family

Being in school five days a week for six hours a day can take a toll on people’s family life. Pick a night during the break and plan a special dinner where the whole family works together or plan a movie and game night. Even doing mundane chores like grocery shopping can be used to fit in family time. The holidays are the perfect time to be around family and make memories to last a lifetime.

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