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Local Job Opportunities

Looking for a local job opportunity to earn some extra spending money? Check out the Camas Career and Counseling Center located in the front of the school by the Main Office and for up-to-date listings on jobs, scholarships, and more.

Here are a few that are newly listed:

  • Looking for a volunteer who would like to partner in conversational English with a native Mandarin Chinese speaker.  The ideal partner will be someone who would like to learn Chinese/Mandarin.  Please contact the Career Center if interested in this opportunity. 
  • Looking for a knitting wizard over winter break to tutor a student on knitting.  The pay is $8/hr.  It is possible you would be tutoring more than one person to knit.  If this occurs, the pay rate would reflect the increased responsibility.  Information on how to apply by December 15th is in the Career Center. 

Contact the Career Center for any questions or concerns.


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