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Locker Deals

There are 2,214 students at Camas High School, while there are only 1,824 lockers. As Mrs.Stanger put it, there are going to be more freshman using a locker because they are used to having one. So, how many of those lockers are actually used? The number may be a lot lower than expected.

Sometimes those lockers help students store huge textbooks or possibly prevent valuables from being stolen. They can also feel like an anchor for trying to get across the school in less than five minutes.

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Lockers are typically one foot wide by one foot deep, and they are there for students to put their valuables in. So when they are in their classes, they do not have to carry around all of their extra textbooks. Some students truly believe in the idea of lockers. Freshman Tyler Knoeppel said, “they keep all my stuff secure so I don’t have to carry it around all day.”

Other students touched on how going to your locker could possibly affect getting to class on time or missing something a teacher said. Sophomore Jack Gibson said, “if I’m late, I miss that valuable learning time and I don’t want to run across the whole school to get to my supplies.” Also, Freshman Cameron Smith said, “I miss some things my teacher has told the class if I am stuck trying to open my locker and get out my supplies.”

While some students are worried about not getting to class on time, others are more concerned about getting things stolen from their P.E. lockers. Freshman Drew Fishburn said, “I make sure I lock all of my things up cause last time I didn’t and I had some socks stolen.”                                                       

Lockers may help students with the many textbooks they have or affect students’ punctuality. This could possibly lead to missing important information in class. As Mrs.Stanger put it, “students don’t have to get one if they don’t want one.” 

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