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Adventures in Downtown Camas: Part Two

In downtown Camas there are restaurants and cafes that many people visit each day and always say they love. These businesses provide open, charming, and calm spaces that are great for talking with friends and family, reading a good book or getting some homework done.

There are around 24 restaurants sprawled all over downtown Camas, ranging from Italian-inspired coffee shops to award-winning craft beer and pub fare. One popular spot is Kop Chai, a Thai restaurant that provides exquisite food. The wide variety menu provides many different foods that range from salad rolls to Pad Thai. There are 54 options to choose from, so it might take a while to decide on a favorite dish. When walking into this restaurant it feels like another home away from home. The cozy setting of dim lights and the comfy seats makes it easy to relax. The staff is nice and provides very good service, and they check in and see how each customer is doing.

Another great restaurant is the Mill City Brew Works. This is a fine place to take children while the adults are able to have their own fun but controllable time. At this restaurant they provide very splendid hamburgers that come at a reasonable price, there are around 50 delicious items to choose from. The Mill City Brew Works also offers a kids menu that has, 4 options to pick with a side of fries or salad and a drink.  And as well with there food they have a goal that they stand by which is “to provide you, our family, friends, and neighbors, only the best tasting locally brewed beer.”

In addition to restaurants, there are many cafes in downtown Camas, too. One well-known local favorite is Natalia’s Cafe. This is a quaint diner that has great food. When first walking through the doors, patrons can smell the wonderful cooking and notice the great staff. This cafe is great for breakfast or a quick lunch they provide omelets and great french toast. Natalia’s is a definite recommendation if a family or group of friends has nothing to do in the morning and wants to grab a bite to eat.

Out of all of the cafes in downtown Camas, the most charming and old-fashioned but modern coffee and breakfast nook is Cafe Piccolo. While enjoying a cup of coffee, visitors can also take in the fantastic and historical pictures everywhere. There are multiple art pieces up in the back room for people to look at and buy. Prices are very affordable for people who have a low budget for coffee. They have many different drinks to choose from and in addition to that customers can add their own syrup in the coffee to make it taste like nothing they have tried before.

So, if someone is hungry, thirsty, or just looking for some relaxing ambiance, downtown Camas has just what anyone needs during the holiday season and beyond!

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