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Switching School Start Times

The entire Camas community is responding to the news that starting in the 2018-2019 school year, school start times will be significantly different for each student in the Camas School District (CSD).

On Wednesday, the District announced a new schedule that affects all schools. In it, Camas High School, Hayes Freedom High School and Discovery High School (the project-based learning high school) will start at 8:40 a.m. Odyssey Middle School (the project-based learning middle school) will also start an hour later, at 8:40 am. The school day for those schools will end at 3:20 pm. The middle schools will begin classes at 9 am and end the day around 3:40 pm. Elementary schools, except Lacamas Lake Elementary, will begin earlier, at 8 am and end at 2:30 pm. Lacamas Lake Elementary will start at 8:15 am and end at 2:45 pm.

The newly-announced schedules come after months of research, committee work, and feedback from the community. Superintendent of the CSD, Jeff Snell, emailed students, parents and staff that the District collected more than four-thousand data points to help make this decision.

Snell says he is, “prepared to talk to parents about concerns. They’re valid on both sides, and we want people to make sure they feel heard.” He says change is always a challenge, but it can present an opportunity for positive outcomes, too.

Last year, a citizen’s advisory council began meeting to discuss potential changes to start times. For months, the council studied research about school start times, examined other district schedules, like Evergreen which recently changed its schedule, and got feedback from staff, students and parents.

Snell says the council found that, “People are worried about kids and stress and anxiety, and the research shows sleep is an important part of that.” Research shows students benefit from more sleep. At the high school level, pushing back start times will help students get more morning sleep. While at the elementary level, the new schedule will help students rest in the afternoon following school.

As with any big change, not everyone is going to be happy. Snell knows, “Anytime you make any sort of big change there are going to be strong feelings of support and opposition.”

As the district moves forward to implement these changes, Snell says some next steps include reaching out to elementary parents about after-school care. They will look at how the new schedule affects conference periods and athletics, as well. They will also look at logistics around bus routes. In fact, the schedule may still change slightly as some of those details are worked out.

Whatever the final schedule ends up being, District leaders still want to hear how people feel about the impending change. Snell says, “We really appreciate what students have to say, and we thought carefully about that before we moved forward. We want to hear those ideas.”

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I personally think the later start time will benefit us better because we get more sleep. The only downside is that we have to get out of school at a later time. People will have to stay later for after-school activities and we won’t have late starts anymore.

Personally, I like the later start time because we have to get up so early to catch the bus(if you ride it) and its just not fair. So I am glad they are changing it.

This will be difficult for my family because both of my parents leave for work early in the morning and my bus stop is nearly a mile steeply downhill from my house. My little brother and I will have to walk to said bus stop every morning in the rain, sleet, thunder, or sun.

I agree with many if the other commenters. A later start time would be beneficial, but I think that 8:40 is too much. The start time isn’t what I’m concerned about, I worry about the afternoon. If this change goes into place, I don’t think I would be able to participate in the one sport I like, let alone any others I might try. With the 2 1/2 to 3 hour long practice, we would be getting out of practice at about 6, getting home at about 6:30, and having to do roughly 3 or 4 classes-worth of homework. That is unthinkable. As it is I barely have time for anything besides homework after practice. An extra hour of sleep time wouldn’t make this any better at all. I have a few questions about the schedule but at this point think think it would make life more stressful than it already is. The only people this might help are those who wake up, go to school and go home, with no other obligations. But as for the rest of us, this would be terrible.

I feel like, yes it’s good for sleep. But it can also mean that kids stay up later. And what about the parents. For the elementary kids, they come home at 2:30 and some parents aren’t home t that time and older brothers/sisters aren’t home to take care of the younger kids.

I don’t agree with the new schedule. Having school start later is not going to make students get more sleep because kids will just stay up later either by choice, sports, homework,etc. Since the release time is much later it pushes everything back making sports/clubs end later.this will also cause students to finish homework later, in result making them forced to go to bed later. Even though we will be able to sleep in longer it will be the same amount of sleep since we will not be getting to bed until later. in addition having the school end so much later will lower attendance because people will have to leave at fifth or sixth period due to athletics, appointments, and other extra curricular activities. i know this because my sister is a student at mountain view and i also know other people that go there and tell me they have to skip 6th period often. The later release time will also effect the students that have jobs since most jobs that teenagers have start at 3 or so. And lastly I don’t like the idea of getting out at 3:20 then not getting home till almost 4:00 due to the long bus ride. If students really wanted more sleep they would just not go on their electronics as much if they knew it affected them greatly throughout the school day.

we should leave the school schedule how it is b/c if we start later sports players and people who participate in other events wont get home till late and have less time to do homework and spend time with family which could lead to a lot of stress and some parents have to work so they couldn’t drive their kids to school

Personally I don’t mind if it starts later or stays the same, however the new schedule can cause problems for students who participate in sports and students who have jobs. Another concern is that if the students start school later, they will just sleep in later. This may be true for some but that is their choice. Other people don’t have a choice or will still go to sleep at the same time. Therefore the change in schedule can benefit some and cause problems with others because it’s impossible to satisfy everyone at the same time.

Later ending times will bring an increase in the amount of school missed by those in sports and other extracurricular activities. The time spent on making up assignments might just nullify the positive effects of this time change.

While I think most people appreciate the gesture to give students more time to sleep, I don’t think the scheduled change is going to solve anything. Getting out of school later will cause people to go to practice later, get out of practice later, start and finish homework later. Essentially what will happen is that the amount of sleep people will get wont change, it will just be pushed back around an hour later. And for kids who don’t have all their time filled, they will just stay up an hour later because they can sleep until 8. All that will change is that kids will be up later to finish homework or just to watch YouTube or Netflix. All I think that’s changing is the period in which people actually do get to sleep.

Probably should touch up on this a little more. At the beginning I said “Most of my family’s schedule revolves around the start/end times of the school day, and changing that will uproot the entire thing”. I should have mentioned all the other families too. Think about all the parents/kids you screw over. If your parents drops you off at school, maybe because the bus comes super early, then they normally get a good amount of sleep. But now that the start time in moved ahead an hour, those parents might not be able to drop off their kids, and the kids will have to use the bus. If the bus comes super early/late, then these kids might actually lose sleep because of the change. What if these kids don’t like walking alone in the dark or get bullied on the bus. Don’t you see how you’re screwing these people over? (Also this website is kinda not good because it only allows you to keep up one comment at a time, so far 2 of my comments have been deleted, please fix)

I don’t like having to start later because I like getting out earlier and I just like getting the day over with as soon as possible.

I don’t really care when we start or end. I finish most if not all of my homework during school so that doesn’t affect me. The only thing that would really affect me is when i would get home when i’m playing sports, but at the same time even if sports end an hour later then normal I would still have many hours to do homework.

I really appreciate the new school start time, as it will greatly allow me to not be grumpy when arriving at school. It will help my school work along with my focus.

I like the idea of school starting later, but I feel as though 8:40 is too late. I feel it’s too late because of sports and after school activities. I play fast-pitch softball, so I’m concerned with missing a lot of my 6th period class towards the end of the school and potentially lowering my grade. Though it would be nice to get up later, I appreciate getting out of school earlier than others in our district.

Personally I don’t like this because I will be getting out later which means school sports will be starting later, and then I have homework to do and then outside of school sports I have volleyball and this throws everything off for me.

I don’t like the time starting later because after school activity are in the way and school will end later. Also so I will end up staying up later doing homework.

I like the overall idea of making the school start later. I get a good amount of sleep too but I feel like extracurricular activities will conflict with what time students are released.

I understand this but many people have long bus rides so they would be waking up at the same time and get home at 5 pm also what about people who are in clubs or just need some help after school. I think this would be a great change for people who can drive to school but for others it’s just gonna suck.

Angela Mikhalets
I am happy that school is finally starting later. Getting some extra sleep on a school night is always a plus for me. But I am not happy about the fact that we will get out of school later.

Probably should touch up on this a little more. At the beginning I said “Most of my family’s schedule revolves around the start/end times of the school day, and changing that will uproot the entire thing”. I should have mentioned all the other families too. Think about all the parents/kids you screw over. If your parents drops you off at school, maybe because the bus comes super early, then they normally get a good amount of sleep. But now that the start time in moved ahead an hour, those parents might not be able to drop off their kids, and the kids will have to use the bus. If the bus comes super early/late, then these kids might actually lose sleep because of the change. What if these kids don’t like walking alone in the dark or get bullied on the bus. Don’t you see how you’re screwing these people over?

the later starts will improve over all attention in class. there will no longer be kids in every class sleeping or zoning out.. i myself will have great attentiveness in class and out

I believe there are a lot of good benefits from the time change, such as getting more sleep, being more alert for class and such on. However, many people have told me from other schools that start later that students usually just end up staying up later. Also, I have no idea why middle school is starting later than elementary school, that just doesn’t make any sense for me and I can’t find a reason it would.

I do not want to get home later because of after school sports and homework. I would just end up staying up later anyways.

I think the original idea was good but the more I thought about it the more against the idea i was. It was make things hard for families because if parents work and high school students get home now after the elementary kids, parents might need to find childcare providers because the children can’t just stay at home. The main thing I have a problem with is getting out later. I don’t hate the idea I just don’t think it will be the best in the end for everyone.

personally, this is not a good change. many students have jobs, and others have practice for sports outside of camas high that starts at 3. if they pushed back the start time (maybe to 8:00) and then we get out at 2:10 we can just have shorter classes and add extra days onto the school year. some students have younger siblings that can’t take care of themselves at home, so they need to be there for when they do get home.

I do not want to get home later because of after school sports and homework. I would just end up staying up later anyways.

I like how later school starts because it gives me more time to sleep and get ready. But I dislike how late it gets out because I have softball practice and it starts at 3:30 and it takes me awhile to get home and change and then drive there as well so i’m going to be late for practice all the time. Also its less time to do homework.

I don´t like this at all, school shouldn´t be this late to go to school. this means practice arent gonna get done till like 7 ish and that gives us less time to work on homework. This basically means everything is going to be later, the time we go to bed, the time we start homework, were getting home later and overall this is not a good idea.

If school is starting later I’m staying up later. Pushing the start times back will not make me or other students get more sleep.

I like the fact that we get to sleep in more and actually be awake before class starts but I do not like the fact that students will be getting home really late after sports or even an after school club.

Personally, I´m not a fan of the new schedule. Getting out a 3:20 makes my day even longer. I have a job and I start at 3 and end a 6. With homework and regular after school activities I would be staying up late to finish those tasks, not making my sleep time longer.

I like the schedule change. I don’t get enough sleep at night and I’m always late or rushing to first period. Me not getting enough sleeps makes me not able to give my full attention in class and I end up missing a lot of content.

I don’t like this. Most my my family’s schedule revolves around the start/end times of the school day, and changing that will uproot the entire thing. It’s not like most of us have to even leave that early anymore now that the traffic has been improved by the new route. Another thing, because of conference period, most of the kids who take the bus will probably get back at around 4, and during winter it’s practically night at that time, do you guys really want kids walking around in the dark? If you change the start time so that students will get better grades, then that will just pressure them even more. By changing the start time, you taking taking away student’s personal time and promoting an education that revolves entirely around passing state tests instead of actually learning the material.

the extra time in the mornnig is nice however, people who play sports will miss tons of school work causing a work overload for student-athletes. 8:40 is too late and does not allow enough time for students to be involved in extra curricular activities and get good grades.

I love the idea of school starting later, as i do see both sides of the argument are valid. School starting later in the morning is for the greater good. Students will get more sleep which will in turn lead them to have less anxiety and stress, as well as most likely being excited for school for the first time.

I don’t like the idea of starting so late. If it were 30 minutes later then yes, but one hour is too much. By the time we get out and go home it’ll be around 4 not allowing for there to be time to do other things.

I like the new schedule but the only thing that is bad about it is the time that students who ride the bus would get home.

I personally don’t mind the change because I like that I can sleep in. I don’t like staying longer but it’s not that bad. I think it will be helpful for those with zero periods too. Also, I feel like it will help the students get the hours of sleep that they need to be successful during their school day.

I like the extra hour of sleep however that means that students will be an hour late which means less time to study or to do homework.

I very much don’t like the new start time at all. I would rather keep the time the same time because it’s difficult with after school activities as well as the fact that some people have specific times they have to be at work after school.

I don’t really like the idea of starting an hour later because it really doesn’t benefit us in the sense of us getting enough sleep because most of us have already become accustom to our sleep schedules and wake up at a reasonable time for school. Personally, I think we should start at 8:15 and get out at 3:00 because it gives bus riders slightly later pick up time, and to be completely honest if we needed more sleep then we could adjust our sleeping schedules. Or if we HAVE to start we should have the same schedules as Evergreen School District and adjust to their schedule.

I don’t like it, for the freshman they will get hame at like 5 if they ride the bus.
There is less time to do homework.

This schedule change is seemingly good, and it is a detrimental change to the functionality of morning routines. This change will definitely take some getting used to, but is overall a good change. The only problem, for me, is getting out of school so late. As of the current schedule, the start and end time, I feel, are perfect. Nonetheless, this change should be good.

I support the idea of school starting later, but starting at 8:40 only to get out at 3:20 is just too late. I suggest we swap the elementary school time with the high school time or just keep the same time.. because getting out that late will mess with athlete’s rest, extra curricular activities, and some students also have work..

I personally dislike the idea of getting out later. The start time doesn’t even need be to an hour later, it could be 20 minuets later than the start time now (8:00) or even 8:15. We could could go to school later have shorter classes and still get out at a reasonable time, if we need to we could add on a few days of the school year. Me personally I have club sports that I need to be at by 3 and they arent going to change practice just because my school gets out later.

To be completely honest, I believe that this start time was just a draw of a short stick. I’m not trying to be rude, but I haven’t heard or seen anyone complaining about the current start time. However, now that the change has been made, people have been saying lots of things about how less time is granted for afternoon activities. And in fact, this “extra hour of sleep” isn’t supplementary to the problem. the truth is, sleep was never a problem by school. if kids needed sleep, they need to go to sleep earlier, instead of walking the town, eating out late, driving with their friends, playing games etc. No that it is bad to have fun, but if kids grades are suffering from them choosing not to go to bed, you definitely should’t change it for people who have no problem with the schedule. On a personal level, people have jobs, obligations, things they NEED to do and pressuring another 40 minutes on to the day makes for a ton of unnecessary rescheduling, not to mention, getting used to the new times, the bus routes. I just feel as though this choice was made on a bunch of kids who thought about literally nobody else, and only looked at the start time and said “oh look, later school!”. Whatever, change is a commodity on this planet. maybe this is for the best.

I like the idea of starting later but I don’t like getting out super late. I feel like it would be more beneficial to have the elementary time 8:15-2:45 for high school because if we get out late, high school sports are going to be pushed back or practice times would be cut shorter.

I normally like the idea of getting up for school later, however I dislike the ending time of getting out of school at 3:20. I would like maybe to get out at 2:45 better but I have after school activities like sports and church and homework and if my sports are pushed back almost an hour then that’s another hour later at night I will have to do my homework then I already do now. I also have to get my brother home of the bus and my parents work in Portland so this setup does not work personally for my family. If i had my choice I would switch with the new elementary school or not even change it at all.

The school start time is good. I do not get enough sleep so I think this will be helpful for me and my mood swings.

I dont intend to be blunt but this schedule is not going to work very well! there are some of us that have jobs directly after school and meany of us have younger siblings to take care of. Not to mention sports and other after school curriculums schedule will be screwed up. In my honest opinion there is nothing wrong with the schedule we have now.

I am so happy that the start time is going to be pushed back. It is very important to get the needed amount of sleep per night which I know most of us are not getting, so I think that the later start will greatly benefit us as students.

The only problem I really see with this later start time is that I won’t get home until roughly about 4:20 pm and for me that’s not a problem but it makes the nannies that watch my special needs sister have to stay an extra hour longer. Both of them have school to attend to right after I relieve them at 3:15 and I’m just worried this will make things far more difficult for my family’s system we have set. I’m sure we’ll figure this out in time but it will be a big change that my family will need to get used to.

I think we are extending the times a bit too far. Later start times mean Later release times. Everyone at school are always busy at school.

Although I like to sleep in, I do not like how late we are released as it allows less time for completing homework and can interfere with after school activities.

I don’t like the switched times. I know some parents who work all day so they are not home when their children get home so they have a high school student babysit them. If the high school gets out later than the elementary schools then they won’t have anybody to babysit their children. I think that it’s nice they are addressing sleep issues but, they should just push everything back and not switch things around like this.

I think this is a good IDEA. I can see what they had in mind with the start time, but i have been waking up at 6 everyday since middle school and i am fine with it. i am a morning person so it doesn’t effect me as much, but still, It’s a good thing they are trying it out, but I still do not like it.

I really don’t like this because now the elementary schools get out before the high schools. What about young children, let’s say about kindergarten whose guardian(s) work and the only person who can watch them is their older sibling who goes to middle or high school, now their guardian(s) is going to have to pay for a babysitter, and who wants to do that when you could have had a free one if they wouldn’t have changed the schedules.

I don’t like this because I have a church class before school. My ride to that class leaves at 5:25am with or without me. I would probably still be waking up early so I could get to that class. I would be waiting to go inside for about an hour. I would also be home at 5pm, since while riding the bus now, I get home at 4pm. This gives students less time to do homework. Personaly, I think it is a horrible idea.

plz don’t make us go to school later i like to times we have now changing it doesn’t make anything better. you only think its good for us because “WE NEED SLEEP!” NO! we don’t thats why we have late starts, and PLC Fridays.

I don’t intend to be brash, but I don’t find the extra hour before starting school as much of a benefit as it should be. Genetically, these kids have to really be waking up at 9, assuming that a fine portion of them would be spending several nights on multiple class projects. If upper-middle class, fairly privileged white teenagers that are getting cars in their sophomore year can’t make it to school by 7:40 (much like many workplaces and businesses that start even earlier), then some of those kids may not be cut out for preparation into the adult world. But that’s just me, though.

I like the idea of it changing. I never get enough sleep this year, and I hope to get more sleep! I hope I will feel better and healthier next year.

While a later start time does sound nice, I think the fact that we’ll be getting out at 3:20 doesn’t make it worth it. But hey, that’s just my opinion.

I personally don’t like the idea of starting later only for the fact that we get out so late. Being able to start later is a good idea but getting out so late isn’t something I personally like.

I like the later start times. It could be good for sleep. But i don’t like the idea of going home really late.

I am not a fan of the later start time because we will be getting out of school later and I was fine with the start time anyway.

I am not particularly excited about the changes. I am busy with multiple after school activities like athletics and band. This really makes it difficult for me since I will get done later and have the same amount of homework to do, therefore, I am staying up later. That isn’t any more sleep than I would get this year without the changes.

I like the idea of a later school time. I usually am really tired when I come to school, but with this new start time, I can get more sleep and focus better in the classroom.

I like the later starts now because I feel like it will help the students get the hours of sleep that they need to be successful during their school day. The release time is a bit late, so it might force students to have to stay up later than usual for homework after their sports practice/game, or a club that they participate in. Overall though, a good idea.

I think that the new schedule change is good, it´s important to get enough sleep and make sure you’re well rested. I would really like to try it out and see how much of a change there is to the schools.

I like the idea of school starting later and think it will overall benefit all students. I’m a morning person so I don’t have an issue with the current time but I feel like an extra hour of sleep will still make a considerable difference. I don’t like the fact that we get out so late though, I appreciate getting out earlier than other schools.

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