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Old Camas, New Camas

Photo by Tristan Eckert.

People who have lived in Camas for years know it has changed in some pretty big ways. What started out as a small town revolving around its paper mill evolved into a rapidly-booming town with industry and opportunities coming in. And as the town changes, so does Camas High School.

For instance, football used to be small in comparison to the powerhouse program it has become in recent years. What was once a non-competitive team, raked in the state championship last winter. Social studies teacher Mr. Williams pointed out that when he came to CHS, “we were on our second 0-10 season. Now we are winning competitions.”

However, it is not just football that has seen change; students’ choices for classes used to be much more limited as well. Elective options were not at all what they are today, Advanced Placement classes did not exist, and the Running Start program was just taking off. Along with having fewer classes, there was a smaller staff. For instance, instead of having seven counselors, there were only two. Moreover, clubs used to be more service oriented. They were made to help students build up their resumes.

The students who attend Camas High School have also changed with the times. As the population of Camas increases, more people go to the school than in the past.  “The students are much more diverse than in the 1980s,” main office secretary Beth Fillion said. Fillion graduated from Camas High School in 1989.

Another change from the past has been technology. With phones and computers widely available for everyone to use, varsity cheer coach Brandy Reed said that “students spend too much time on their phones and social media instead of building face to face relationships with each other.”

From changing buildings to evolving cultures, CHS had dramatically transformed since its construction. And with how much the school has changed already, who knows what it will look like in the future?


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