The Big Bad Bus

Every year there are new incoming freshmen and with them comes a greater number of bus riders. There is a big divide with the students who ride the bus and those who do not. Many students have the option for rides home from parents or are able to drive. For the other half, it is mandatory for them to ride the bus.

Although free transportation is provided for all students, many of them decide to drive themselves or carpool with a friend or sibling. For students who are able to drive each year, Camas high school sells parking passes for thirty dollars so they are able to park in the school parking lots. Some students, including senior, Lily Haddan, prefer to drive to school rather than take the bus. Lily said that ¨it is a time to relax and breath before school. And when I do get to school, I feel a lot calmer and it is easier for me to focus.” Some more reasons that riding the bus is dreaded are that the other students who ride are inappropriate, the loud talking is unbearable, and the compact space where around 73 students are sitting enclosed in an eight-foot-wide school bus is not ideal.

On the other hand, Josue Espinoza, a football player, says, “I like riding the bus with my friends you can lay back and talk. The charter buses are better because you get individual seats. But I like both because they are two different environments.”

Although many students despise riding the bus, there are other students who like to ride the bus saying that it is a good environment to think about the school day and relax before going home.Freshman Rachael Edwards said, “I like riding the bus after school because it is fun, and I like to talk to people.”

There are many ways that a student can get to and from Camas High School. There are hundreds of cars in the parking lot and this number is growing with the new house additions and students who are able to get their license. Numerous students have expressed their feelings about the bus whether good or bad.

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I enjoyed riding the bus last year because my bus was quiet and there were so many seats that some people could have a seat to themselves. I usually sleep on the bus, before and after school, which a quiet environment is suitable for. However, this year my bus was packed full of kids, even to the point where there were no seats for one student. I don’t hate the bus, but I would really appreciate it if there were less people on each bus; allowing for a calmer, quieter atmosphere.

I agree that students can be ridiculously inappropriate especially in high school, and especially on buses. I hope that steps are taken to make buses more respectful and appropriate so students feel better about riding them, because students getting rides with their parents add to the traffic significantly and no students want that.

I think it’s a random topic, but nonetheless it shows how people really feel about the bus. Emotions are explained pretty well and are real people talking and not fake, which I can get behind.

I don’t like the amount of people that ride the bus or the time it takes to get to school through this public transportation.

I like the insights from both sides of the argument. Could be possibly improved by getting the viewpoint of a senior who has access to a car but decides to ride the bus to school instead.

I think they have very fair points in each different point of view. But I mainly agree with driving to school because you get to sleep in a little earlier which is very beneficial to your education.

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