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New to CHS: Sandra Sharp

Every year, more and more teachers and staff join the number of ever-growing cogs in the wheel that is Camas High School. This year over ten new staff members were added to the list. One of these is teacher Sandra Sharp.

Sharp is a special education teacher here at CHS. She went to school at Eastern Washington University to get her four year degree in English and reading. Eventually, she went back to school to obtain her masters degree in Special Education. In order to make money in college, she worked at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport in the summers and while on break. Before coming to CHS, she worked in the Washougal School District to the east as a teacher for ten years. She decided she wanted to try something new and applied for an opening here at CHS. Now she works as a special education teacher who teaches students with mental disabilities such as autism and Down syndrome.

It has been a long time since she has walked through the halls of a high school as a student, but she still remembers making the school newspaper and yearbook. “I wasn’t a cheerleader; I wasn’t into sports. But that’s how I got involved,” she said.

When she is not at school teaching, she loves to hike whenever she can. She used to live right next to Mt. Rainier so, naturally, she did a lot of hiking. However, with the recent changes in positions and location, she has not found as much time to hike as she would like. Although she has been a teacher for many years, getting into the rhythm at a new high school is very draining. As a personal goal this year, she would like to get out and do more of the things she loves.

If you see Sandra Sharp anywhere throughout the halls of CHS, please give her a warm welcome to the school.

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