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The Incoming Homecoming

Homecoming week is in full swing! These are the things students and parents should know about all things Homecoming.

The Game:

The pressure-filled Camas vs. Union football game starts at 7 pm. This game should be a huge turnout from both parents and students. Students will vote on Homecoming royalty during the week, and the Homecoming court will be showcased at halftime ( 4:30-5:30 p.m.) with their parents or guardians. Students who are on the committee will be notified and will attend the assembly that will be October 27th in the gym for 60 min.

The Dance:

The dance will be on Saturday, October 28th in Camas High School’s main gym. The way to get into this dance is to pre-buy tickets by October 16th – 26th. There will be no refunds or ticket sales at the door. Students will need to have photo ID at the door with their ticket to get in.

If students would like to invite other guests from other schools they will have to fill out the guest pass portion from the dance pass. Then you will have to have the guests administrator sign off and then submit that with a copy of the guests ID. This all needs to be accomplished by, 3PM on October 24th.

Spirit Week:

Every year before each Homecoming game there has been a spirit week. This year the spirit week will consist of: Monday – Hat Day, Tuesday – Safari/tourist Day, Wednesday – Teacher/Student Swap Day, Thursday – Sock and Sandal Day and last Friday- Color War (9th grade wears grey, 10th grade wears white, 11th grade wears red, 12th grade wear black, and staff wears red and black).

This year’s Homecoming theme is Enchanted Forest. Junior Tori Jonason loves to “get all dressed up, go to dinner with a date and spend time dancing with friends.” She would also love as a new addition “where students have a vote on a theme and on the spirit days to get more people involved.” Jonason is very thrilled about the dance and its theme this year and is planning on making it to the dance.

The Homecoming dance this year should be an elegant and magical one, while on the field, the Papermakers will hopefully BEAT Union!

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