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New to CHS: Adrian Cortes

The school is undergone many changes, and some of those changes are new staff. A new face to the staff is Andrew Cortes. Cortes is a special educations teacher. He teaches English, math, science, and history to the special needs students at the school.

Although he may not be new to Camas, having worked at Skyridge Middle School before teaching at Camas High, this is his first time teaching at a high school level. “ This school is a great school, with great people,” said Cortes. “It is very supportive.”

While he was attending Prairie High School, Cortes had a passion for athletics. While attending Concordia University, he majored in education. He is working toward a doctorate degree while he is teaching at CHS. “My favorite memories from high school would be when I was in athletics.”

Being a family man, Cortes spends most of his time with his wife and daughters. His eldest daughter plays indoor soccer. “ I do not really have hobbies, I spend most of my free time with my family or driving my daughter to soccer practices.”

Cortes has an interest in the local government. He goes over to the town hall to see what is going on and keep himself informed of the local happenings. “ I have an interest in local policy. If I had not been a teacher, I probably would have had a job shaping it on a local level,” said Cortes.

The personal goal that he set for himself is to grow as a teacher, experience new things, and help his students make new connections in the school. “ To be a teacher is to have the mindset to grow from challenges.”

With the school year underway, he has already proved himself to be a valuable member of the staff at CHS. Say hello to Mr. Cortes if you see him in the hall and help The Camasonian give him a warm welcome.

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