School Staff of CHS What You Should Know

Welcome Home Mrs. Lincoln

This year many faces of Camas High School have changed; however, Camas is happy to welcome back a previous student. Miranda Lincoln, back in the halls of CHS as Counselor Mrs. Lincoln.

This is not her first time being the new counselor, as she transferred from Walla Walla High School after five years of service. This time is much different because the school is much larger. She says, “You can feel it when you walk in the doors.”

Lincoln feels she is tuning in well to the community, but working with fifteen of her previous teachers is a bit bizarre. Tom Morris, one of the school’s associate principals, was once her math teacher and tutor. “It’s weird,” says Mrs. Lincoln, “having Mr. Morris as my boss and also calling him by his first name.”

Some aspects of Camas have not changed over the years. Everyone still knows Top Burger. “I’m not sure that it has the most memories out of everywhere in Camas, but it’s the first place I think of when I think ‘Camas’.” She even remarked about bringing her two-year-old son to Top Burger upon her return.

Lincoln wants to be more involved with a myriad of students; she is already working with leadership and ASB students. She is considering chaperoning at Homecoming and hopes to meet more students that way.

So far, she has found meeting with students to be somewhat difficult. That is in part to the location of her office. Unlike most counselors whose officers are easily accessible, hers is tucked into the back corner by the health room. “It doesn’t feel like an open door like you would have with the counselors upstairs. I’m just hoping I can make it out there and make connections with the students.”

Wherever students happen to find her on campus, they will find a counselor who is thrilled to be here and loves working with them. She has come a long way from her high school jobs at Blimpies and Coldstone Creamery to be able to help as many students as possible. Now is the time to welcome Mrs. Lincoln back into Camas High School. 

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