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PDA in the Hall

During passing time, students are swarming the halls of Camas High School, and, unfortunately, along with packed halls, locker stops, and bathroom breaks, Public Displays of Affection (PDA) is something students and staff also have to deal with.  Students have been noticing PDA more and more at CHS. The Camas School District has a large amount of students and many couples. With many couples comes a lot of PDA. Although it is not student relationships that is the problems. Students are showing off their relationships in inappropriate ways.

Every student at CHS is not the same, but want the same respect. Sophomore Sophie Franklin said, “If it is just a quick peck then you leave then that’s fine. But if you make out and can see tongue, that’s weird.” If you show affection, that is okay. But it is how you show it that gets people riled up. “Holding hands is fine, but making out in the hallways is awkward for everybody around you” said, Laura Johnson, a junior ar CHS. Despite the fact that it is okay to show a little affection, it is how you do it, not if you do it. While being in a public relationship, you need to know how much is too much.

In addition, some students choose to participate in PDA, those same students do not like seeing others do it. Taryn Sullivan, a freshman, says, “I have showed PDA at school.” Although she says that she has done it, she thinks it is “gross” when other students do it. Most students are not wanting to see PDA in the halls but are totally fine doing it themselves.

Going on, Principal Dr. Liza Sejkora has no problem with walking up to students who are canudaling. “I tend to approach things in a humorous way, that’s just my natural gut instinct.” says, Dr. Sejkora. Finding a solution to PDA will be better for everyone in CHS. “We need to hear from students how they feal about it, so we as adults can take our adult school behavior school side and meet it with the feelings of students” says, Dr. Sejkora.

Student-on-student acts have been problematic in schools for a while. Many schools around the world have no contact rules. Even though there are rules against PDA at camas, it still happens every day. Students should feel comfortable while walking through the hallways. By working together as a school to cut back on PDA should make students and administrators at camas more comfortable.

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