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Fishing for Fisher

One of several new teachers to Camas High School this year is math teacher, Mrs. Fisher. This is her first year teaching at Camas High School. She went to school at Western Governors University and has taught at other schools as a paraeducator.

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So far, her favorite thing about CHS is the student. She says, ”I love the students at Camas High School, and I have super fun classes.” She also shares how she loves the town of Camas. “I love Camas as a town, with all the little shops downtown.” She is also impressed with the idea of conference period as a way to help her students. 

While she is happily teaching math now, she explained “I always wanted to pursue a career in teaching, but not math. I wanted to teach English originally.” She said she accidentally started teaching math at an alternative school. And when it comes to her curriculum, her favorite thing to teach is the Pythagorean Theorem — so her students have that to look forward to. 

Some things have been tough so far for Fisher. She does not have her own classroom and instead moves around three different rooms throughout the school day. “Teaching in three different classrooms is crazy and sometimes I am late for fourth period, which is tough sometimes.” Getting kids into conference period can be a struggle, too. She says each conference period she only gets in about two students, so she plans to hand out invitations with candies attached to them to pull the kids in. 

While the 2017-2018 year is just getting underway, Fisher hopes to spend a lot of time at CHS and make many future memories here. Say ‘hello’ to Mrs. Fisher if you see her around the hall and help The Camasonian welcome her to campus.

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