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How to cope with the stress

With the new school year currently underway, staff and students alike are experiencing many forms of anxiety and stress. Some stress is good for the body but the amount of stress put on the average high school student is astronomical compared to earlier generations. To help combat this force, here are a few tips to cope and manage stress.

  1.  Listen to music

Listening to calming or meditative music helps lower blood pressure, releases endorphins in the brain, and can even help the body produce melatonin, making it easier to fall asleep.

  1.  Create a homework schedule and stick with it

Pick a certain spot where you are going to complete your homework each day and set aside a certain amount of time to finish it. During this time, keep all distractions out of reach and keep the phone off. Reward yourself after you finish your homework for your effort.

  1. Plan time in your week for “me time”

If you are a busy person and plan your week out before it starts, make sure to add time for yourself. Whether that is time set aside to create a project, play a video game, go for a walk, or to just hang out with friends and family, find something that you want to do and that will help you relax.

  1. It is okay to say ‘no’

Too many people today are concerned with taking on every project or request that is asked of them, often times overbooking themselves. It is okay to say ‘no’ however. If you have two hours worth of homework, soccer practice, and a choir concert all in one night, just say no to your friend who wants to play video games or needs help with their homework. Chances are, your friend is not going to be too upset.

  1. Ask your teachers for help

Most teachers are here to help you and want you to succeed. If you are falling behind in a class, stop by before or after school, or before lunch to ask for help. If grades are about to be posted and you know you are falling behind, maybe consider asking for extra credit to help bring up your grade. If you have a really busy night and you know you will not be able to finish the homework to its fullest extent or the teacher’s satisfaction, communicate with your teacher beforehand to see if you can extend the deadline and explain why you need the extension.

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