College Visits School Students of CHS What You Should Know

Senior College Season

As September ends and October begins, seniors are leaving school to be brought in by colleges for tours.

Gabe Mukobi has found himself between many colleges in the past six weeks. Being flown to Rice University in Houston, Texas and this week and Columbia University in New York City. “Stanford is still my number one,” says Gabe, “but I wouldn’t wanna be tied down to one college and I may change after a year there.”

Not every student at Camas is looking to leave the state, however. Most students at Camas are looking at in-state colleges. The most popular choice was Washington State University, though it seems the Vancouver and the Pullman campuses appear to be split.  Some runner-ups would include the University of Washington and Central Washington University.

Though many of the senior are visiting the colleges, most are still unaware as to what they want to major in. “I know I want to go into the medical field, but I haven’t gone much farther than that,” says Stephanie McCallum. “I like having a broader subject so I can find what I really enjoy in that subject.”

 If you’re a senior and you haven’t visited colleges yet, have no fear since, after in-state college plans, second place was having no clue what they wanted to do exactly. A lot of the seniors plan to go straight into the workforce after college. Family businesses, current jobs, or apprenticeships were all prominent when asked about plans.

Though few, some of the responses I received were that they did not have any plans whatsoever after high school. Counselors would encourage you to seek them if you need any help for planning after high school. Many of them are new and would love to meet you even if you know what your plan is after high school. If you’re shy to meet the new counselors, you can read about them more on the Camasonian. It is never too late to plan for your future.

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