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Portables: Progress or Problem?

High school classes are tough enough; now imagine running across a muddy and wet sidewalk to make it to the stuffy, hot, compact learning environment of a portable.

Portables are on the south side of the school, in back by the open grass fields. The first portables arrived in the ’07 – ’08 school year.  School administration added them so there were more classrooms at CHS. There are six portables, each housing two classrooms, for a total of twelve extra classrooms. They have definitely been well used.  

Despite being ten years old, the portables still have the same interior features: a projector, a whiteboard, desks, windows as well as all the other normal equipment found within classrooms in the main CHS building. They even have the original carpet. Social studies teacher Mr. Long says, “The projector screen is lower so it is harder for the kids to see it.” Long also says the sounds around the portables can be a bit distracting. “Sometimes the garbage getting picked up affects the teaching.” 

Two Freshman, Blake Bell and Drew Fishburn, agree on how disruptive dealing with portables can be during bad weather. Bell stated, “It is really frustrating when you have to walk through the rain, carrying your books and having things get wet,”Fishburn added, “When the weather is bad and I’m in a portable it disrupts my learning environment”.

Regardless of some negative opinions aligned with the weather,  Long offered, “On a nice day, you can stand outside in the sunshine between classes”.  While Long did admit that the parking lot is a bit further from the portables, he said, “Not having to deal with the main building’s crowded hallways is nice.”

“I don’t mind the portables,” said sophomore Gavin Thomas. “Sometimes I learn better outside in portables.”

While there may be mixed opinions, one thing seems to be clear: the need for portables is not going away since the school continues to grow in student population year after year.



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