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100 Wins in Record Time

A century worth of wins is a big accomplishment for any football coach. A century worth of wins in 10 years is borderline unheard of, but when the team is on a 55 game undefeated streak during the regular season, it is easy to see how Jon Eagle accomplished that feat so quickly.

Courtesy: Kris Cavin

Coaching football for 35 years, Eagle has spent his last 10 here at Camas High School. Sending the Papermakers to the state finals twice, Eagle and company won Camas’ first Football title in 2016.

Winning his 100th game with Camas against Battle Ground in late September, Eagle did not let the accomplishment go to his head. “We are already thinking of the next game when we are in the locker room at the end of the game.”

A humble man, Eagle emphasized the coaching staff was one of the most important reasons he was able to accomplish such a milestone. “This team is not a Me. No one person thinks that. This team is a We.” He drives for team unity on the field, leading to consecutive dominating seasons. “Camas football is a machine, and it feeds on wins.”

Reminiscing to his first game as the Camas head coach, he talked of how it was “a heck of a game.” Facing a future NFL quarterback in Garrett Grayson, the Camas Papermakers and Heritage Timberwolves went back and forth in a close 47-44 win for Camas.

Having 10 years experience under his belt, Eagle is ready to continue his career at Camas High School. “As long as they keep paying me, I will keep coaching.” Eagle stated with a chuckle. “Nothing has changed,” talking about the 100th win, “I still mow my lawn and take out the trash.”

Senior Ryan Rushall talked about his head coach and the recent victory for the Papermakers, “[Eagle] is a good coach. It was awesome to be a part of [the 100th win] and we are just focusing on next week.”

Since Eagle has taken over as head coach in 2008, he has lead the papermakers to seven league championships, and one state title. All those titles coming in 2010 and beyond. Starting in 2008 with a 6-4 record, he moved on to the 2009 season and acquired a 7-3 record. Then, in 2010, something happened and from 2010-2016, he went 11-1 (2010), 11-2 (2011), 12-1 (2012), 13-1 (2013), 10-1 (2014), 11-1 (2015), and a perfect 14-0 (2016).

People around are asking: What happened? What happened in 2010 that paved the way for the now well known dominating Camas football? Wide receiver coach Matt Loop might have the answer. “He made his own system.” Senior Quarterback Kyle Allen elaborated on that more. “He finds our strengths and weaknesses and uses a system that fits us.”

There might also be some more to it then just a good game plan. Senior Lineman Taylor Nye and junior lineman Noah Stykel talked of team unity. Telling how Eagle gets to know the players individually. “He makes us into a family.” Stykel said.

Many of the football players were surprised to realize they were part of Eagles 100th victory, but many also said that after some time, they were not surprised at all. Going into the game though, the coaches did know but did not bring it up with Eagle or the players. “We knew Eagle wouldn’t want to talk about it.” Loop said, “We are all happy for him but we won’t make too big of a deal about it.”

Congratulations to Papermaker Football for another successful season in 2017.

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I’m not surprised that Eagle was able to do this. He is an amazing coach and has led our team to many wins throughout the years.

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