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New to CHS: Mr. Sanford

For the 2017-2018 school year at Camas High School, there have been many changes in how the school operates. Along with the addition of new technology in the classrooms, students are pleased to welcome new faces to administration positions, including the new Dean of Students, Owen Sanford.

This is going to be his first upper administration position in a public school environment. Sanford started out as a teacher. He pursued this career for a couple of years but felt something was lacking. Instead, he transitioned into a counselor position because he wanted to improve students’ moods at school every day. He also wanted to work on making schools function more smoothly.

Along with the other administrators, the transition to the new, much larger CHS was a daunting task. “Of course me, Dr. Sejkora, and Mr. Fox are new, so we’re all trying to understand what we need to do individually, and how systems operate and why things happen the way they do,” said Sanford. “So that transition has been good. It’s great working with them and staff and students so far, as well.”

Sanford will be in charge of all state testing which includes the Smarter Balanced, PSAT, ACT, and all AP tests. His other duties include being in charge of parking, as well as being a counselor for students.

So far, students think he is kind and compassionate. CHS Senior Victoria Ostapenko says, “He is very nice and respectful”. Mrs. Dignan, senior English and AP Literature teacher states, “So far he has acted very professional and easy to work with.”

At the end of the day, Sanford will be a great addition to the administrators of CHS. One the thing Sanford most wants students to know is simple: “The hope for everyone is that we’re doing {our jobs} relentlessly and passionately.”

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