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Fantastic Mr. Fox

Returning students have found Camas High School very different. New bells, new classes, and new faces. A face that the students might not recognize is the face of the new Associate Principal.

Born in the Philippines, Tim Fox moved to Southern California with his family when he was seven years old. Growing up, he attended El Camino High School where he graduated at the age of 17. Two days later he was in boot camp for the Marines and was deployed to Iraq in 2003, “It was a very challenging time.” Mr. Fox said.

After he returned, he attended college at Washington State Vancouver with a business major but quickly fell in love with coaching. Still unsure about his future, he interviewed with the CIA, “I went through that whole process because I wanted to serve my country. That’s what it’s always come down to me, serving others and that was one way to do it.” With military history running through his family’s’ blood, he felt it was his obligation. “It was extremely important for me to serve.” Fox stated.

After several interviews with the CIA, Fox determined that the CIA was not the right move for him while he wanted a “normal life”.

Fox began his teaching career at Canyon Creek Middle School with a passion to educate and serve. After some time there, he found himself at Cascade Middle School, then moved on to Mountain View High School. Teaching sophomore history and coaching the football team, he finally “found his joy”. After joining the administration and becoming the dean of students, he found himself here, at Camas High School, as the Associate Principal.

Child Development teacher Jill Fuller had kind words for Fox, telling how she found him a great addition to the Camas High School staff. “Super supportive and engaging. Lots of great ideas on how to make CHS a great learning environment and fun place for all.”

Senior Parker Neff had similar words for the new associate principal, describing how Fox stopped in the hall and said hello to him. “He is a welcoming and kind guy. He is a great addition to the CHS faculty!”

Fox speaks excitedly about how he will try his best to follow the footsteps of his predecessors. He wants to challenge his students to achieve happiness through a balance of their social life, academics and/or sports. He strives to make high school an enjoyable experience for the teens roaming the halls of Camas High. “You only have one experience. Make it count.”

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