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A Freshman Makes Varsity

Freshman year is tough enough, but for Sammy Geiger the pressure is more intense than ever, as he is one of the only freshman on the Camas Varsity Cross Country team.

Since the age of three Geiger has always had a passion for running. His mom, who was a collegiate runner herself, encouraged him; in fact, she was such a successful runner she is in the hall of fame at the University of Idaho. Geiger’s already made a name for himself running at Liberty Middle school and individually ranking nationally in the 800m at the Portland Youth track Festival. This year, Geiger hopes to make history once more as he joins the varsity cross-country team in their attempt to take home the state title.

Courtesy Chase Muro.

For the past few years the men’s cross country team has gained speed but are yet to take home the state title. Hopefully Geiger’s presence will change this and help them move further in post-season competition.

Despite his national running talent he will have to step up his game because he will compete against older and more seasoned runners. When asked about his training plan, Geiger explained that “He goes for “for a five-mile run 3 days a week and sometimes does timed miles”. This is certainly a step up from his training regimen in middle school. Geiger believes in high school “That better competition will make me better.”

Even though for most freshman the idea of competing with older students and amazing athletes seems daunting, Geiger benefits from the stress of it all. He explains running is a stress reliever, and that “It felt great to make the team his freshman year.”

Even though he is the youngest on the team he is getting to know seniors he has looked up to, like Daniel Maton and experience runners like Spencer Twyman, and many others on the team. teammate, Travis Vaughan shares this about Geiger’s success ” Since he is so fast and super good we have to keep up with him, so he kind of pushes us and he kind of sets a standard for freshman”.  Another colleague of Geiger is Connor Wood, he spoke about Geiger and how he challenges the team “He tries during practices and is really determined”.

The team is currently four and one with 5 meets to go and their next meet is against Battle Ground,Mountain View and Hudson’s Bay on September 30th.

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