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Motivational Speaker Jeff Yalden Inspires All

One month ago, the Camas Cares Committee developed a plan to speak to students about mental health issues on a personal level.

The plan established Jeff Yalden as the person to aid students with an inspirational speech. On June 8, Camas High School faculty and students attended his talk in the gym. And yes, Yalden filled students’ minds and hearts with hope.

Youth Motivational SpeakerJeff Yalden visited CHS on June 8. (Courtesy

Over the course of 24 years, Yalden continues to inspire students and adults around the globe with his personal story and sparking others with a glimmer of hope. From suicide prevention to coping with anxiety, Yalden talked to Camas High School students about the concept of mental health and how positivity and hard work helps in confronting mental illness.

Upon everyone taking their seats, Yaden spoke of his family, how he improves himself through his past experiences, and how students can improve themselves by “grinding” every day to reach their full potential. Yalden is a dad, veteran, author, and a victim of mental illness.

Some of his strategies include meditation, breathing, visualization, affirmations, journaling, and following passions. Through these subjects, he can effectively cope with depression, anxiety, Bipolar Type 2 and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Yalden bases his curriculum on a zero to ten scale of anxiety and stress. His montra is “Enhale Peace, Exhale Love” for his breathing exercises. Yalden stresses passion and visualization for teenagers, such as creating collages and journaling. This passion can be achieved through self-affirmations and evaluating emotions prior to reaction.

“Don’t think that just curriculum is everything,” Yalden states. “The more involved you are, the anxiety and suicide prevention statistics will change.” He understands that students often become stressed through extra curricular activities. But focusing on activities, sports, and clubs that teenagers actually care about lowers suicide rates.

Yalden hopes that Camas High School students continue to grow as citizens, but reflect as human beings.

Jeff Yalden’s Social Media:

Facebook: The Jeff Yalden Show

Twitter: @JeffYalden

Youtube: Jeff Yalden

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