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Wonder Woman blows away box office

    The Box office, critics and viewers have all fell into a trance due to the astonishing performance put on by “Wonder Woman”. With its release on June 2nd, the 75th anniversary of  the characters creation, “Wonder Woman” blew away all expectations and sold over $300 million at the worldwide box office in just over a week. “Wonder Woman” is on track to becoming the single biggest domestic hit ever with a solo female director and would indeed debacle its counterpart “Man of Steel”. As the film make

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s more money, the more secure the possibility for a sequel.  These numbers alone could entice anyone who enjoys being entertained, not just DC or Marvel fans.

    “Wonder Woman”, Gal Gadot and director Patty Jenkins teamed-up to create the perfect picture and embodiment of  the superhero “Wonder Woman”. The movie followed the story of Wonder Women with a  minute. The audience learns that Diana “Wonder Woman” (Gal Gadot) is the princess and daughter of Amazon Queen Hippolyta (Connie Nielsen) who has been protected for her entire childhood from the god of war Ares who wants to destroy her and then the Amazonians. To insure Diana’s protection, her mother has Diana’s aunt, General Antiope train her in the art of  war. An American spy, Captain Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) crash lands into the Amazonian protected island of Themyscira and brings news of an enormous world war that inspires Diana to leave her only home she has known to go and stop a war she believes is being influenced by the god Ares.“Wonder Woman” depicts a strong young girl who used her hope for humanity and optimism to inflame her with the bravery to define her own destiny.

    Whether it is the beautiful and action filled imagery or the perfectly executed story-line, “Wonder Woman” will keep the attention of every viewer leaving them on their seet for every scene. The high intensity and engaging film embodies the character of Wonder Woman down to the her wonder boots. With every minute that goes by, leaves a person wanting more. Even the skeptical comic book fanatics were impressed, especially the female fans believing that creating the film for “Wonder Woman” is the step in the right direction but is much overdue. Comic fan Ariell Johnson says that Hollywood “is clearly becoming more diverse.”  Aside from the consistent climb of popularity, “There is already support for her to be the face of the DCEU and leader of the Justice League as the universe progresses,” says Forbes. From every corner of the movieverse “Wonder Woman” screams success.  

    Critics initial reactions to “Wonder Woman” according to Entertainment weekly were “ A blast,” “So good” and “ best to date from the DC extended Universe.” Not only were critics impressed by the work done by the film director but also the female lead, Gal Gadot who received widespread praise from critics describing her as “ absolutely phenomenal” and “ A legit movie star.”  It is visible that the film is as touching as it is thrilling. Wonder Woman” has a theme that inspires not only women, but men to make themselves into whatever they aspire to be.

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