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Opportunities to Apply Yourself? Yes to that!

As students approach summer, some volunteering opportunities fade. But not in Clark County! There are plenty of opportunities to receive hours for Key Club, National Honor Society, Interact, or whatever club you engage in.

  1. Organize a group to clean a local park. Believe it or not, parks and recreational areas always need improvement. Call up a few friends, buy some trash cans, and pick up trash at parks like Klickitat Park or Crown Park.
  2. Hosting a Red Cross blood drive. If you are very determined to boosting you resumé or help out Clark County, visit this site for more information.
  3. Write letters to those in hospitals or retirement homes. People often need a pick-me-up. This is a fantastic method to achieve happiness for those struggling.
  4. Volunteer at the Clark County Food Bank! Help those who are not on free or reduced lunch during the summer get meals.
  5. Advertise free or paid manual labor, such as yard work. Often there are community members that are unable to complete yard work.
  6. Tutor kids over the summer! In the Career Center right now, there are jobs to tutor middle school students in various subjects.
  7. Teach foster children how to read or volunteer at the South Humane Society. Finding homes for people and animals is a great way to positively affect the lives of others.

Have a great summer and happy volunteering!

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